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In 1842, Georg Gottlieb Schnell published a series of costume litographies that included the Romanians of Schei, Brasov.

Referred to as Vallachians at the time – “Vallachian from the neighborhood of Brasov” – the neighborhood being Schei, located outside the city walls at the time.

First dated as a church settlement in 1292, its one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Transylvania.

The first stone church was built in 1495 by then-prince of Vallachia.

View from Tampa mountain over Schei (right), Romanian suburb near Brasov’s main citadel.

From Schei onward begins the long Carpathian mountain chain, visible in the background.

In Brasov they were forbidden from owning property inside the fortress.He calls Brasov small but flourishing due to its strategic location, with commercial ties with just about everyone.Ludwig Binder’s book “contains a medieval century letter from Johannes Honter (Saxon humanist who lived and died in Brasov) who described Brasov and three main communities living near it: Romanians in Schei, Hungarians, Saxon farmers (the inner fortress allowed only Saxon merchants and the upper class).The young men of a community reunite in a group called “ceata” (ceata de feciori, ceata de juni) during the winter solstice and spring when they perform pre-Christian songs and rituals; the purpose of these rituals is to help perpetuate fertility during winter, and to celebrate the return of the sun during spring.Only in recent times did the Christian element blend with the pagan traditions in such a manner that today they coincide with the main Christian holidays – Christmas and Easter.

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