Bisexual date sim game

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By the way, I finally got my hands on those galactica blue-rays, are you up for a marathon of sci-fi goodness? Let`s see how rusty you are Pickup Alyssa after her photo session ------------------------------------------ I am sure the modelling life with Alyssa @ bar -------------------- I think Mungo really likes you I guess I don`t need to Nothing major - Get back to work - You are just a quick learner... - Give her 250$ - color doesn`t matter - Just go straight to work - She`s my girlfriend... It took me a few tries before I even got either girl. At the apartment ----------------- I just wish a morning would pass without you reminding me about it. Actually I dont`t have that much Maria @ office ---------------- My identity nonetheless always nice to feast well for starters Unplug the mouse cord Then I won`t tell you Truth be told phone prank call ------------------------- I just cant Alyssa & Maria ------------------------- Actually - Maria You are just a - Alyssa With Maria @ bar *----------------------- I have a girlfriend and you still choose to come Well, tell me more about yourself was it that bad? doesn`t matter - Send spicy sms - She`ll be tough/actually..., doesn`t matter - Would you like.../Never mind.., doesn`t matter - Pick up Alyssa - Does he take the stick out his arse...? However, I am sure that you can get more than one ending from this point on, so be sure to explore different options ;) I was able to reach all 5 endings so here is walkthrough. You don`t have to get motorbiker involved other than taking his scarf. But if you want to punish Alyssa and get to the ending 3 then you will need to work hard here: Work up a lot of passion for Alyssa until she agrees to give motorbiker blowjob and get fucked by him. When Alyssa gets into the office * You are just a quick learner * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Maria anyway) * Some days I...

* Massage Maria`s shoulders * X * Fix the printer * Nothing major... * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Alyssa anyway) * (!!!

During sex with Maria the hand rubbing starts to fail which eventually can break the sex scene. * Massage Maria`s shoulders * X * Fix the printer * Nothing major... * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Alyssa anyway) * (!!!

Error on displaying Maria vs Alyssa moods throughout game. * Send spicy sms to Alyssa * She`ll be tough one to crack...

* Offer her a drink not more than 2 times * You look... * Very phoenix-like * Let`s see how rusty you are...

) Prepare for a date with Maria * Buy her som ice cream * Play pool together * For starters, the way... 3) Her friend Bob shows up: (I`m not sure what triggers him, but don`t look into purse for sure, and don`t make her mood too high (but not too low or you lose)) * (!!!

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