Benefits of dating an ugly guy

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D.” Since my mom reads this blog, I’m going to leave that right there.So, while I’m not at all encouraging any SIS to date someone she finds unattractive, the pros of dating a guy who is less than a 10 might actually outweigh the cons, and that might be worth considering if a not-so-bad-looking February 2011January 2011December 2010November 2010September 2010August 2010July 2010June 2010May 2010April 2010March 2010February 2010January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 200930 Somethings achieving goals afro angry attraction Beyonce and Jay Z Bishop Eddie Long black men in prison Black Women cheating Chris Brown church cooking date dating dating game dating rules Dorothy Height down low Dwayne Wade exes facebook fashion For Colored Girls...If you want genuine love or desire from a woman, she has to be turned on by you in a sexual way.Real attraction is entirely about looks, and ONLY looks.A: Sure, when you see a smoke show with an average (at best) older man, there’s always the possibility the woman is digging for gold, has horrible self esteem, or possesses the personality of a door knob.But if you’re willing to be less cynical for a moment, I’d like to give you another explanation, which is….Even if you weren’t born looking like Brad Pitt, women will find you sexy.Here’s a short list of personality traits that make guys hot to us: This all being said, an unattractive man is still a man, and at the end of the day, we women have needs too!

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So, my real question is whether or not dating a man who may be rating lower than you on the generally accepted scale of aesthetics is a good idea?

That’s why so many of you end up divorced and getting played for fools, then try to say all women are users and gold diggers. Honest women either date hot guys or stay single, so of course you’re gonna meet a lot of dishonest people if you’re always trying to date someone above you on the sexual totem pole!

Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? If you’re not attracted to women of your own class, you need to improve your looks and move up. Without good looks, your “awesome personality” is worthless for anything but platonic friendship, and your earning potential is only “attractive” to materialistic girls.

If you try to circumvent that rule, you show an entitlement mentality, and it’s obvious you think we owe you our sexual servicies.

I have an advanced degree and make a good enough living on my own, so I don’t need your earning potential or “generosity”.

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