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I meant that it is strange to me being a westerner as mostly our nicknames are an abbreviation of our real name.A Thai will hear this as “the way Thai people make up nick names is a joke!(Never mind his weight problem) I explained that test’s have shown that deep fried anything is bad for your heart and cholesterol.He wasn’t interested in my explanation and I quickly understood the total lack of nutritional knowledge in Thailand and that I was at risk of making him feel defensive and dumb.Kind of a sport they like to play, maybe perhaps because gambling is illegal here.They will tell you romantic comedies are a favourite of theirs and learn how to romance you by studying the cheesy movies girls just love! I was bombarded with sweet messages in broken English, fruit and flowers magically appeared on my doorstep, he’d giggle like a school girl around me and watched my every move in a group situation making me feel like the only one in the room.It’s when you’ve grown tired of the language barrier and need some mother tongue chat (usually when you start speaking Tinglish and missing out words) that the true Thai nature explodes like dynamite and if you are not careful you could be battered by the blast.Jealousy Most Thai’s (in my opinion) suffer from extreme jealousy. Its pretty hard to build a friendship with Thai girls with boyfriends because they are insecure and highly suspicious of you.

Perhaps like me their previous western relationship hadn’t worked out (I’d been cheated on) and it leaves you feeling a little insecure and venerable to attack. It took about 1 month before he was discussing the possibility of a ring!!

Another time I got an automated sales call in Thai and hung up just as he walked into the room.

He was convinced it was my ex even after I showed him the phone and I received another cold shoulder day. Now it’s hard enough communicating with someone from your home town in a relationship, so having a boyfriend who’s English is limited creates chaos.

Instead choosing the more destructive path of thinking he knew everything (he said this a lot) making things up himself and rolling with some wild story using it as an excuse to be purposefully rude, spiteful and hurtful.

He could have just asked and discussed like adults. He loved the drama too much and wouldn’t back down as this means loosing face. We know its bad but exercise free will as to whether we want to eat it or not.

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