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An empirical study manifest that people who have been meted out with capital punishment in India were poor or in minority or both.Nonetheless we do not intend to take sides all that we are trying to say that if justice is to be delivered it should undoubtedly be fair and reasonable. An overall rethinking about it as a societal as well as legal issue is required.The act of rape is the most heinous crimes against the humans so the punishment should also be very painful. Even if all this sound a bit dissatisfactory to the victim of rape or her family then it is submitted that capital punishment is quite a merciful punishment for a crime as heinous as rape.

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The common property cannot be sold without the concurrence of all the members.

Least heed has been paid to the fact that rape is much wider a term and as such should be given a much wider interpretation.

Though giving it a wider interpretation may call for some difficulty but a solution should be devised if we want to completely do away with this phenomenon of outraging a females modesty.

You can save taxes by creating a family unit and pooling in assets to form an HUF. HUF is usually used by families as a means to build assets. The greatest disadvantage of opening an HUF is that its members have equal rights on the property.

For example, if you and your spouse along with your 2 children decide to create an HUF, all the 4 of you as well as the HUF can claim a deduction for Section 80C. Further income of the HUF can be invested by the HUF and will continue to be taxed in the hands of the HUF.

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