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The central premise is that by attention to the margin produced per sold unit, not the amount of cash (revenue) earned from each customer, one can afford low volumes and still have a healthy company.

High volumes can also bring a significant edge, but only until competition forces prices down.

India's Liberalization Children (those born or raised post 1991) are today firmly in the realm of adulthood and shaking up one of the oldest traditions the country has known.

Aided by technology and some smart entrepreneurs, they are giving arranged marriages a 21st century makeover.

On an unusually pleasant Sunday evening in south Delhi, some 30 young singles — equally split between men and women — are gathered at Smokey's BBQ and Grill in Greater Kailash.

The ice is quickly broken, with each member of the group describing "the most interesting drink he or she has ever had." The answers range from aam panna to feni, vodka golgappas, and exotic cocktails like Flaming Lamborghini (a heady concoction of Sambuca, Kahlua, Baileys and Blue Curacao that's up in a cocktail glass and that has to be drunk with a straw).

Digital media and social media companies, which rely heavily on ad revenue generated by users with free accounts, pay particularly close attention to their ARPU.

Variations in ARPU reflect changes in the companies' ability to generate revenue and heavily impact their stock prices by telecommunications and Internet companies and their suppliers to sell extra services to users and a lot of the promotion that is used by these companies talks of increased ARPU for these operators.

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Caste, community, horoscopes — variables that so often shaped who Indians marry — are getting redefined.Also related is ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) which is calculated by dividing up the revenue amongst the users who paid anything at all.This yields a figure that is significantly larger than ARPU.The occasion is actually a Sangria-making competition. Siddharth Mangharam, 41, cofounder of Floh, will do all he can to help people like Sharma.Shruti Sharma, who works with the development sector, is a regular at such Floh events. When he returned from the US in 2006 - single at that time - he experienced the struggle to find a partner first hand.

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