Are miley and justin dating pivot table not updating data updated

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neither of them can ever go back to being cute 15 and 16 year olds again.The best they can do is go after an older, edgier audience and keep their PR machines going.Justin is sporting more and more tattoos and is often caught exhibiting “bad behavior” in public – especially when the cameras are turned on.One day he is caught urinating in a restaurant kitchen, and the next he and his bodyguards are shown smashing equipment and fighting with people in a nightclub.He was clever beyond his years and studied the careers of other pop idols, such as Elvis, the Beatles, and Michael Jackson. u have now p***** off over 2 million teenage girls.

While some parents from her Hannah Montana days are outraged, she has gotten a lot of attention, is selling lots of records, and laughing all the way to the bank.This catapulted Bieber into the limelight and put him on the track to stardom.The first brand element people noticed was Bieber’s mop-top silky blond hair and boyish smile.What worked for the Hannah Montana crowd is not going to work for 20 somethings.The target audience, or lock, has has changed so Miley needed to come up with a new edgier image, or key, to remain relevant.

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