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Rossum turned 17 while filming, but retained a professionalism beyond her age, thanks to her previous experience at the Met.At the opera, she was expected to be professional and conduct herself maturely, because it was a privilege just to be there. , she still took time out to participate in Broadway's "24 Hour Plays." In this innovative and exciting theatre project that's been around since 1997, promising young writers, directors and producers are paired with actors to undergo an intensive 24 hours of creativity.Full of standards and other great, traditional songs like "Summer Wind," and "Pretty Paper," as well as the title track.It rose to number one on Billboard's Jazz Albums on February 16, 2013.Let's take a look at her stunning transformation thus far., Cheryl has been a big influence on Rossum's more mature sensibilities.This just in: a couple you probably completely forgot about is over! ’ It’s so weird to me.” Rossum, 24, tells USA TODAY’s Olivia Barker that she’s been waiting for the right role — and finally found it with her gritty new Showtime series, Shameless, which premieres Jan. She plays Fiona, the oldest of six children of a narcissistic, alcoholic single parent (William H. “Hollywood doesn’t provide you with tons of opportunities if you’re a woman,” she says.

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[From USA Today] Sure, there’s totally some of the Jessica Biel/Alba stuff in there – is it that Hollywood is such a difficult place for women in general, or is Hollywood difficult specifically for a less than amazing actress?When asked her craziest nanny story, she told the story of Gertie, an Austrian woman who was given a prize as a child by singing the best German national anthem. She would tell that story, but she knew Hitler was a bad guy. And she was a child — she didn't know any better when she was singing the German national anthem.Clearly, if she was working for a Jewish family, she had no prejudice herself." But, not all the nanny experiences were positive.Needless to say, she ended up doing the screen test — and nailing it!On receiving the news that she booked the role, she said in the interview, "At first I thought it was a practical joke…I was sitting at the breakfast table after hearing, and my mom was reading ,' and she said, 'Oh, that's nice, honey,' and kept on reading about Somalia! Her mom, however, was not at all surprised that she got the role.

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