Aquarius woman and cancer man dating

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We wouldn’t wish the most devastating second act climax upon this wartime hero and heroine, but the stakes might have to be that high for these two to make an honest effort and walk a mile in their partner’s shoes.

A sexual relationship between Cancer and Aquarius can be stressful for both partners.

Cancer will bring emotions and tenderness to their sex life and Aquarius won’t ever let boring routine take over.

If they compromise on experimenting and emotional exchange, they could even start having fun.

Cancer is usually loyal and honest, except in situations when they are scared of the aggressive reaction of their loved one, or of hurting them badly.

With Aquarius, they might feel stressed to share things and this could present a both way issue when it comes to trust.

They both have strong resolve and convictions, albeit in completely different domains, but they apply a patience to mastering themselves that means adequate support can be provided to help reach both Cancer and Aquarius’ life goals together.

It will take them a fair amount of time to realise the above is true.

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Similarly, Cancer has been off the well-worn path his whole life.

In truth, if he meets her halfway here, Aquarius will also have to learn limits to the number of strangers she allows to disturb their quality time.

Cancer prefers to keep a small circle and his cautious often proves to be well-judged and not completely irrational (although Aquarius may not initially see it that way).

When they engage in sexual activity, Cancer could be so stressed that they will have to set those boundaries and Aquarius will not be able to make the needed change to be gentler to their Cancer partner.

There is too much energy in Aquarius that needs to be grounded through their physical activity and this includes sex.

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