Annalynne mccord is dating kellan lutz

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But apparently that hasn't stopped Tyga from hollerin' in Kylie's direction. And it sounds like he'll say anything, exploiting her insecurities and her compromised emotional state, to do it.Kylie Jenner's due date is reportedly February 4th, just 10 days before Valentine's Day.No one ever seems to stay with Gina very long in recent years.

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It’s not known when he would make the announcement, if an announcement is to be made at all.

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told Kylie that he has not been the same since they split." We somehow suspect that he's singing a different tune than he was in June, when he celebrated how much better his life supposedly is without Kylie.

"He also let her know that King misses her too and asks about her all the time." That's a low blow -- mentioning a child missing Kylie, especially when her pregnancy has to be pushing her nurturing instincts into overdrive.

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