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She's def my bias - talented (great dancer; model, a natural imo) not your typical female idol esp bec she can be charming, cute, hot and gorgeous effortlessly; she looks great on anything. Love every chemistry scenes between u & Kang Min Hyuk.

That's where I knew her first, then I became a Me U later on. As for me,you are my role model and i love you so much like my real elder sister.. I hope you know my country and i want to request you to come and visit Myanmar. I always listen to your songs and of course i am a fan of f(x). Oh Krystal, you're really pretty & cute in the drama "The Heirs".

I've watched her radio guestings, f(x) shows, jessica & krystal etc., and I was drawn more to her. I even didn't go to school when I heard about your fainting news. When I saw you suddenly faint tears come and falls. I like her role in 'the heirs'..really cute and adorable.recently i watched runningman with krystal as a guest,i think it would be bad idea because she looks like she doesnt really support that show and arrogant.. i thought you're yoona the first time you appear in The Heirs. make more projects i would like to follow all your dramas and hope movies, too, would be great. tbh (im not insulting just pointing out some observations) krystal's characters in her sitcoms and dramas are all the same (cutely bratty, adorably spoiled, speak some english).

I hope more people would look past her chic image and talent, see her as a warm and funny person too. i really like you specially in" THE HEIRS" but u r awfull in "MY LOVELY GIRL" i expected more specially for ur look ! but i still love you and waiting for you to shine more like you always did :) saranghae Hi Krystal. I love the way you act in the heirs because of you I really watch it until the end. Well there would be at least one Kpop idol who gets haters, but you don't have to go so far just to hate on her you know. I mean she is great at it but its doesnt show much of her acting.

it's not like someone said she's a piece of crap and why does she exist? if this kind of thing hurts your feelings you might need deep therapy, i'm just sayin' miela your first comments sound like you are a hater. I was immature myself only a year ago and now I'm 13 and I refrain myself from bashing anyone what so ever. Now, I can give a long speech about how amazing Krystal is but I'm not going to act like she's all perfect because she isn't and there's ain't no way I'mma let a hater get away after insulting someone I respect so I suggest you get your tushie outta here before some other fans done sharpening their knives and throw them at your sorry a$$.I'm glad you were able to interpret Eli's comments to a simpler form to which even a 10 year old can understand. ok @Foolish, not sure what you're getting at, but I'm sure there are people who have things to say about them, too.I was really bummed when you said no one is perfect, not even me :( you mean my mom and dad lied to me??? As far as constructive criticism,woooh big word, in an online forum I can see how my comments can be construed as hateful or even judgmental, but I can honestly say that I don't avoid unpleasant circumstances just because there are weak individuals out there who can't take my aggressive or blunt style. so what if @Miela thinks she looks "unfriendly" or "fake"?Thirdly, to all people, I believe that butt hurt 'bashers' and fans exist. This is officially the last time I will comment on haters. I don't like her as an actress, she doesn't impact much.hating, but seriously to those fans who go "stop bashing" STFU coz we're not bashing, we're just giving our opinions. Krystal, please stick to singing and dancing and leave the acting to the professionals. Krystal if ever you read this, don't be offended to what your haters are saying. And know that we talk about which kpop idol ppl dislike, I dislike and find Suzy to be somewhat fake and highly over rated and probably the most talentless in JYP sorry if offending just giving my honest opinion.But seriously if you're going to comment don't comment negative things. I'm tired of you and if you don't have something you like go find one... The world doesn't revolve around your love for Krystal, or any other particular idol. Don't get me wrong, she's pretty and all but watching her on Heirs is like nails on a chalkboard. @Miela I don't get why you have to especially come here just to talk sh*t about krystal.

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