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“I am the way, the truth, and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father, BUT BY ME.” —Jesus Christ (John 14:6) Perez along with Teofila Ora left the I. It did not took long for the two former leaders of I. In 1975 just after Perez’ death, some members were stunned when the leadership was passed on to Levita Gugulan, a woman.At first, Soriano might have yielded to that decision but it did not take long before he along with a few others rebelled against Gugulan’s leadership.Notes and Bible verses filled my father’s notebook which he reviewed after wards. Eli is the only preacher with a program who lets people ask questions regarding faith and the answer will be read from the Bible in a show called (Ask Soriano).You would be “addicted” if you may say to the program and you will feel that the question was answered just for you. When watching Ang Dating Daan, you can testify that the Bible Answers and Bro. The knowledge that you will acquire in just 5 minutes of watching Bro.

Always remember, you cannot convert a cultist in just one sitting but you can “plant a seed of doubt” while some Christians pours the “water” next time knowing that someday God will make that seed grow and cause that person to be saved.They believed that women as leaders in church are not biblically supported.Update 4-Jan-2003: Now since the highest court of the land (the Philippine Supreme Court) ruled, once in for all, in favor of Gugulan's group, the name of Soriano's church was drastrically changed to: He spreads his teachings through the radio waves and lately used the television and internet facilities.Most of the information came from isolated interviews from a number of regular worker (mangangaral) of the ADD.The information presented here are stated accurately as possible without any misrepresentations.

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