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Bethesda’s squashed a number of glaring problems but gamers continue to complain about outstanding bugs and issues on all three platforms.

It took awhile but Bethesda’s pushed out another free Fallout 4 update.

Once you take care of this, the settlers should respawn and return them to their original control settings so that you can officially take over.

When you restore power to Nuka World and get on the Nuka-Galaxy ride, you might get stuck in the cart. If this happens, you’ll need to reload from a previous save.

Bethesda notes that if you kill a settler you recently intimidated it will count as a crime toward Nuka World’s Raider factions.

To avoid getting kicked out you’ll want to load an earlier save and wait awhile longer before killing the person. If you recently killed a Raider Leader and the Outpost or Vassal is still under Raider control, you’ll need to slaughter everyone at the settlement.

In the meantime, the developer is telling gamers to restart the console/PC to see if that fixes the issue.

One of the more common Fallout 4 problems is also one of the easiest to fix.

Bethesda says that killing an NPC called Brooks before you arrived in Acadia could make completing this quest difficult.

It notes that there is still a way through the quest but the best solution might just be to reload a game where Brooks is still alive.

If you’re using a PS4 or Xbox One you’ll also want to reboot your console to see if that helps.

If you run into trouble when trying to complete the Acadian Ideals and optional objective “Help Chase” you might need to reload a prior save.

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