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What differentiates this story from other UFO claims is that Barnea had nothing to gain from reporting the sighting, and everything to lose.The Communist government equated a belief in the paranormal with madness and state-sabotage, and Barnea lost his job in a country which had no support for the sacked.Alex shows us pictures of the forest photobombed by shadowy figures.

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When it arrives, the paramedic decides he should take him to the hospital but once there they decide to send him ...

The next time, he slept in a hammock to get closer to whatever was causing the sound.

His visit was cut short when a bat smashed into his face. Twilight has passed, the sun has set, and we are very much alone in a dense, dark forest. We point our flashlights at misshapen trees – many here grow in zig-zag patterns or in spirals, a phenomenon which has not been plausibly explained by any of the scientists who have come to investigate.

But tourists coming to Romania for a Dracula experience are likely to leave disappointed. His namesake – Vlad Dracul or, more commonly, Vlad the Impaler – is a national hero.

And Bran Castle, the most explicitly Dracula-themed attraction, has only a tenuous connection to Stoker’s creation, plus the priggish feel of a National Trust property.

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