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When he delivery the new cushion cover, I showed him my concerns. When you take my money and put it in your pocket you better stand behind your promises.

He said he would have to bring his supervisor to look at the problem. I am dedicating this blog to telling the world about your lousy customer service.

Guest of Honor: A signed (by Neil Gaiman) and numbered edition (to 2,500 copies) ashcan edition of "Guest of Honor at Chicago Comicon 1993." B&W, 24 pages. There was also an advanced preview edition which was the same as the regular edition but the cover had the text 'advanced preview edition' on it. It measures 8 and a half inches high and 5 and a half inches wide. Diamond Distributors over circulation of the phonebooks appears in WAP #3.

A tribute to Gaiman, it has a one page story by Sim. Howard Chaykin: Conversation: hardcover, published by University Press of Mississippi, edited by Brannon Costello. It contains the schedule for the Maplecon science fiction show, with bios about the guests of honour, some artwork, and short writeups. Will Eisner: Conversations: Published by University Press of Mississippi, 2011, edited by M. Contains a reprint of an interview Dave Sim did with Will Eisner from Comic Art News and Reviews #23.

She told me she was new and she would personally ask the manager to give me a call when she returned from vacation. I was back and forth to La-Z-Boy taking different selections home. October, 2005 - I took fabrics back to the store and the salesperson told me to call the CEO who is new Kentucky and see what he could do. He told me I could choose another sofa and new fabrics would be out the end of November.October 22, 2005 – Talked with one of the salesperson.She said she talked with the CEO and she would call me when the new fabrics came in.Told her of my conversation with the other two salesmen at the store.She said they had not received any new fabrics, but she would call me when they came in.

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