Adwaita tortoise carbon dating adwaita tortoise carbon dating

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Contrary to the spelling, the pronunciation of this clam is “gooey duck” and the odd spelling is likely the result of poor transcription.

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This would make it the oldest known mammal that exists.

With their extremely long siphons which can be 1 metre (3.3 ft) in length, the geoduck is both one of the largest clams in the world, and one of the longest-lived animals of any type.

[Source] These clams were not fished commercially until the 1970s, but in recent decades a huge demand from Asian markets has developed, and the clams are now farmed as well as being harvested in the wild. (Lobo) Orensanz et al., the oldest recorded specimen was 168 years old.

Here are ten interesting animals that have lived longer than any human on our planet. This species is native to the North Atlantic Ocean, and it is harvested commercially as a food source.

This species is also known by a number of different common names, including Icelandic cyprine, mahogany clam, mahogany quahog, black quahog, and black clam.

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