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Despite this, on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 2008, the Federal Government announced the creation of a 4-member consultation panel to look into the creation of a Bill of Rights charter for Australia. Yet thanks to 1990's judicial legerdemain, the High Court discovered that, amazingly, to counter restrictions on photography? In typical High Court fashion, our "rights" have been carefully limited to only matters regarding political discourse (eg. To quote Roy Jordan: […] there are implied rights to free speech and communication on matters concerning politics and government, e.g.

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What if you take photos of a private space, publish them, and are then contacted (threatened?

So if a subject is parading around naked in clear public view, then they can hardly claim their privacy was violated if someone took their picture.

(See also discussed below…) BTW if the photographs are indecent enough, then even if they were taken with consent then they still may run afoul of the National Classification Scheme, should they be published online or in a magazine.

The following by is an analysis of legal issues which apply to street photography in NSW Australia.

Created in response to objections to my Sydney Unposed project, it is written from a photographer's perspective, with a focus on what rights shooters have (and don't have) when it comes to candid photographs of people.

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