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A heterosexual male may cross-dress because s/he doesn’t feel her/his gender identity matches the gender s/he was assigned at birth.In some cases the individual may just enjoy the fashion and related options available in society, regardless of the typical gender associations of the items.Many people unconsciously accept this binary and don’t give gender a second thought; however, gender is much more complex than male or female.As is demonstrated by the rich and unique experiences (such that you are describing) of humans over time, gender is more akin to a broad spectrum that is as unique to an individual as a fingerprint.In terms of guilt, this isn’t necessarily a universal feeling shared by everyone who has a desire to cross-dress.In fact, people experience a broad range of emotions and feelings when it comes to realizing, expressing, and disclosing their gender identity — from fear and despair to relief and excitement. In the United States, it was once the case that women wearing pants was a radical and non-conforming idea.Slutty tgirls in love with posing nude or masturbating and even fucking on cam.

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Cross-dressing isn’t something that needs to be “overcome” or “resisted.” In fact, many in the therapeutic community discourage people from suppressing their true gender identity. Because a person has the desire to use non-gender conforming methods of self-expression (including clothing choices), you should not think of this as something to dissipate. Some may choose to experiment with gender non-conforming choices at one life stage and move on, while others may see it as part of a life-long expression of individuality.

There may be some situations in which a person may need to understand the expectation of gender-based attire, though this will vary greatly in one’s experience. Are there any good books or articles that explain the cross-dressing urge in a sympathetic way, such that a wife may come to understand this phenomenon?

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