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This season sees the introduction of several new characters in Mirador de Montepinar.

Judith Bécker, an attractive and successful psychologist, moves into the Attic A flat.

This obsession gets him and his community into an array of predicaments.

Enrique starts the season as Antonio's ally, all the while dreaming of the presidency for himself, which Antonio keeps on promising him, without actually handing it over.

Eric moves into Sergio and Joaquín's apartment, while Raquel, her cousin Nines, and her friend Blanca, all single ladies looking to start a new stage of their lives, move into Cristina and Silvio's old flat after Silvio is evicted.

Nines takes on work as a maid in various flats in the building, and in one episode is about to get married to Leo before he leaves her at the altar after claiming he's in love with Raquel.

The two other spaces on the ground floor are occupied by a hairdresser's shop, owned by Araceli and staffed by Fabio Sabatani, a gay Argentinian and friend of Silvio, and Sandra Espinosa, a young insecure hairdresser; and the estate agents' office where Joaquín works alongside Eric Cortés and their boss Raquel Villanueva.

La que se avecina debuted on Telecinco, and was later rerun by the same network as well as cable/satellite channels FDF and Comedy Central España.

The series debuted on 22 April 2007, the show began to become much more prominent in its third season, becoming one of the most widely watched shows in Spain.

Most characters in the show are stereotypical representations of different groups in Spanish society and occasionally pokes fun at Spanish politics.

As of 2015 Starts with the arrival of the new residents into the new block of flats, Mirador de Montepinar.

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