Access updating linked tables

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SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access backs up the original Access table and creates a linked table.

After you link the tables, the tables in SSMA appear with a small link icon.

Linking modifies your Access database so that your queries, forms, reports, and data access pages use the data in the SQL Server or SQL Azure database instead of the data in your Access database.Paste Special, if available on your right click menu, may also help. It has been suggested that I could use subroutine/function calls to replace the create fields and properties and create index lines. Function Update Table Field Defns() As Boolean Dim dbs Update As Database, wrk Default As Workspace Dim tdf Update As Table Def, tdf Field As Field Dim str Msg As String, int Response As Integer, str SQL As String Dim idx Update As Index, idx Field As Field Dim prp New As Property, rel New As Relation Dim tdf Table1 As Table Def, tdf Table2 As Table Def On Error Go To tag Error Update Table Field Defns = False Set wrk Default = DBEngine. Note Your Access tables remain in Access, but are not updated together with SQL Server or SQL Azure updates.After you link the tables and verify functionality, you might want to delete your Access tables.

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