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The church is most distinctive for its tall spire, although it is not the original.

Here's the code: [Code] Dim o Conn Dim o Rs Dim qry, connectstr, s DSNDir Dim dsn_name, Avtionvar Dim SQLstmt Dim Note Field, Note, o Rs_num Rows Actionvar=Request. Open "tbl Biographical Data", connectstr IF Actionvar="add" THEN o Rs.The expansion saw not only the construction of the chapel, but also the Tuesday Market Place, which is still the primary marketplace in the town today.There were at least two spires previously – one of which was destroyed in the storm of 1741 (along with the spire and lantern of St Margaret's), and another which stood from 1749 to 1854 (described as 'never a regular spire but a kind of wooden extinguisher stuck on to be seen at sea').) is one of the town's most iconic landmarks.Best practices include using explicit connection objects, like this: set cn=Create Object("adodb.connection") "Provider= ..." sql OCF,cn, ...The reason this is bad is that I see from your code that you've opened a second recordset, which results in two connections open to your server instead of just one. scid=kb;en-us;3284 76 What you should have done is used an explicit connection to open rsid, assigned the values in rsid("Proj ID") and rs Fid("ID") to local variables, allowing you to close rs Fid.

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