19 year old guy dating a 15 year old

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She claimed it was rape, he claimed it was consensual, and a jury acquitted him of the charges.

For the most part, there is no single age at which a person can consent to sexual activity.

In May 2004, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned Dixon’s conviction, stating that he should’ve been prosecuted on the lesser charge of misdemeanor statutory rape, which carries a maximum sentence of one year.

He walked out of prison on May 3, 2004, at age 19, a free man.

Because the laws weren’t intended to punish two individuals close in age who engage in consensual sex, in many jurisdictions, an adult who is two or three years older than the minor will not be charged with statutory rape, or will be penalized less severely than a much older adult.

These so-called “Romeo and Juliet” laws provide defenses and reduced penalties in cases where the couple is relatively close in age.

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