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The values for the brachial and crural indices show that the distal segments of each limb are longer relative to the proximal segments than in many ‘African’ populations.”11. One writer tells us that the Egyptians “manufactured a very striking range of combs in ivory: the shape of these is distinctly African and is like the combs used even today by Africans and those of African descent.”12.The Funerary Complex in the ancient Egyptian city of Saqqara is the oldest building that tourists regularly visit today.The Great Sphinx of Giza was fashioned with the head of a man combined with the body of a lion.A key and important question raised by this monument was: How old is it?Row 2 shows eleven notches carved next to twenty-one notches, and nineteen notches carved next to nine notches. Finally, Row 3 shows eleven notches, thirteen notches, seventeen notches and nineteen notches.

Through the entrance are a series of columns, the first stone-built columns known to historians.The infant was buried in the foetal position and was mummified using a very sophisticated technique that must have taken hundreds of years to evolve.The technique predates the earliest mummies known in Ancient Egypt by at least 1,000 years.The ancient Egyptians had the same type of tropically adapted skeletal proportions as modern Black Africans.A 2003 paper appeared in American Journal of Physical Anthropology by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski entitled Variation in Ancient Egyptian Stature and Body Proportions where she states that: “The raw values in Table 6 suggest that Egyptians had the ‘super-Negroid’ body plan described by Robins (1983).

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